4 Weekly Programming

Price: $180-230 per 4 weekly on Direct Debit ($250 for one off programs or when paying by bank transfer)

Duration: Minimum of 4 weeks


  • Custom training program according to your goals, preferences, contest and lifestyle


More Info

A training program is perfect for those who would like a program for powerlifting, weight loss, strength gain, muscle gain/bodybuilding, post baby, wedding or any other goals you may have.

Programming depends on the goal of the client but we individualize our programming specific to the client and their goals. We use a software company to build and create all client programs and nutrition called Recomposer which is a specialised software for measuring, planning, building, delivering and tracking diets and training programs for body composition. It is an online, cloud-based system, accessed via a web browser on any device, so clients and coaches can be anywhere in the world and still access it as long as you have wifi.

We are able to work around many requirements you may have, be it a home gym with limited equipment, or a nightshift worker or an injury.

A custom training program can also help with any sporting events you may want to train for, football, rowing, marathons etc.