Mr Liam Bygott



From about the age of 13, Liam has always had a strong desire for competition and what it takes to improving one’s performance in all types of fields. From competitive jujitsu, boxing, rugby union, and predominately weigh training, he has always enjoyed developing his skill set and improving his personal performance with any challenge he faces. Not only does he enjoy refining his physical skill set, but he continues to grow and improve his wealth of knowledge through his studies within a university degree of Sport Exercise Science (ESSA accredited) with intention to continue on to a graduate diploma in Exercise Physiology.

After a short weight training history, he decided to compete in his first show at the 2015 INBA QLD titles where he placed top three in the teenage division. Since his first competition, he has always strived to better himself as a competitor and employ everything within his potential to learn, live and love the sport of Natural Body building. Liam has a strong attention to detail which is represented through his design of structured diet planning and periodised training programs. His coaching approach stretches far beyond just nutrition and training with his strong passion for the many underlying physiological systems of the human body and their response to the various body composition protocols. On a daily basis, he continues to educate and practice the most recent anecdotal studies towards his own training and his clients.

Liam recently competed in season B 2016 where he was successful in taking out many divisions across a number of competitions. For a young competitor in the sport, he looks to uphold a high standard of natural body building by walking in the food steps of his fellow coaches and head coach Nathan Wallace.


Bench - 125kg

Squat - 180kg

Deadlift - 225kg




INBA QLD Titles 3rd place Teenage Men


INBA NQ Tropix – 2nd Place Men’s open class 1 (under 72 kg)

INBA NQ Tropix – 1st Place Men’s Teenagers

INBA QLD Titles – 1st Place Men’s Teenagers

INBA QLD Titles – 1st Place Men’s open class 1 (under 72kg)

INBA QLD Titles – 3rd Men’s Juniors

INBA QLD Titles – Top four Men’s Overalls

INBA Australian National Titles – 3rd Place Men’s Teenagers

INBA Australian National Titles – 5th Men’s Open class 1