Price: $180-$230 per 4 weekly on Direct Debit.

Duration: A custom Nutrition / Macro Plan is recommended for a minimum of 8 weeks.


  • A consult
  • Custom Nutrition / Macro Plan and macronutrient breakdown according to your goals, preferences and lifestyle.
  • Weekly or monthly check ins

 *($180 includes 4 weekly check-ins, $220 includes weekly check-ins)

More Info

A custom Nutrition / Macro plan is suitable for a weight loss, post baby, as an initial introduction to contest preparation, powerlifting, muscle gain/bulking, a sporting event, a modelling event, wedding or everyday healthier eating. These plans can be based on your own requirements- i.e. night shift worker, pregnancy, lactation, wedding etc.

Nutrition depends on the goal of the client but we individualize each clients nutrition specific to the client and their goals. We use a software company to build and create all client programs and nutrition called Recomposer which is a specialised software for measuring, planning, building, delivering and tracking diets and training programs for body composition. It is an online, cloud-based system, accessed via a web browser on any device, so clients and coaches can be anywhere in the world and still access it as long as you have wifi.

We are able to work with you to create a perfect plan that you are able to stick too that is suited to you, whether that be a piece of dark raw chocolate with dinner or a weekly meal out or creating a flexible dieting macros approach.