Price: $200-$420 per 4 weekly on Direct Debit.

Duration: A custom Nutrition / Macro Plan is recommended for a minimum of 8 weeks.


  • A consult
  • Custom Nutrition / Macro Plan and macronutrient breakdown according to your goals, preferences and lifestyle.
  • Weekly or monthly check ins

 *($180 includes 4 weekly check-ins, $220 includes weekly check-ins)

More Info

A custom Nutrition / Macro plan is suitable for a weight loss, post baby, as an initial introduction to contest preparation, powerlifting, muscle gain/bulking, a sporting event, a modelling event, wedding or everyday healthier eating.

These plans can be based on your own requirements- i.e. night shift worker, pregnancy, lactation, wedding etc.

We are able to work with you to create a perfect plan that you are able to stick too that is suited to you, whether that be a piece of dark raw chocolate with dinner or a weekly meal out.