Price: $2200-2500 Upfront or $380-430 per 4 weekly on Direct Debit (depending on coach)

Duration: 24 weeks minumin


  • Diet & training, updates as required
  • Full support via email
  • Weekly check-ins via email/video/phone
  • Peak week
  • Tanning/makeup advice
  • Federation and category selection, to best suit your physique
  • Depending on location, we are able to provide full on the day support(at an additional cost)
  • Costume support, advice and contacts
  • Sign up 9 months out or more to reduce 4 weekly direct debit payments to $330-380. 

More Info

We use a software company to build and create all client programs and nutrition called Recomposer which is a specialised software for measuring, planning, building, delivering and tracking diets and training programs for body composition. It is an online, cloud-based system, accessed via a web browser on any device, so clients and coaches can be anywhere in the world and still access it as long as you have wifi.

This program is recommended for all competitors, as we use a holistic approach to our coaching we need to work with the client for enough time to get an understanding of the client and prepare them to ensure there body is ready to drop calories and be in a deficit. 

“A lot of clients come to us 12 weeks out and are already very low on calories, which makes it hard as there is not a lot of room to move to ensure the client is stage ready. If at the beginning of your prep, you are already as low as 1200 calories, you will not enjoy your prep, as you will need to get into a  calorie deficit very quickly if you are not already. We use these 24 weeks to get an understanding of the client, potentially build up their food intake and reduce any cardio that may have been previously prescribed so therefore we have a better launching pad to start a deficit when the time is right.”- Nathan Wallace

Within these 24 weeks, you will drop fat, increase muscle mass*, gain confidence and become stage ready. We work with all federations, all divisions.