Hold Your Own is an Australian based, elite level, worldwide strength & nutrition coaching service. From bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength & conditioning, body recompositioning for anyone from beginner to elite, post baby nutrition and training plans, hold your own can help you in your goals.


Hold your own is founded by Natural Mr. Olympia, Nathan Wallace. His aim is to provide a unique, holistic approach to contest preparation, strength coaching, personal training or a year-round diet to get you looking- and feeling your best. Nathan is numerous titles for natural bodybuilding and powerlifting ensuring that he not only has the knowledge behind him but also the first-hand experience.  Nathan is a pro bodybuilder in both INBA & Muscle mania, which sent ripples worldwide when he stepped on stage with striated glute’s only seen by the most elite pros in the world.  Along with Nathan’s bodybuilding, he is also an elite powerlifter, ranking high in Australia and winning numerous powerlifting titles.


After the initial contact and purchase of your desired plan, you will be sent an in-depth questionnaire to fill in. This contains all the information we will need to create the perfect plan according to your goals, preferences, dislikes and lifestyle.  You will then be sent a login and password for our software program, which will have your entire diet & training program included. You are able to log in and view your program whenever you like. Hold Your Own prides itself in being able to fit in with your needs. Hold Your Own is proud that our clients are never starved, made to do hours of cardio, never have to cut sodium from their diets nor ‘drop water’- our holistic approach is one that we can only hope will one day become ‘normality’ in the industry.


Our coaching service includes regular weekly ‘check-ins’ and any changes needed to your programs.

We monitor your progress in a few different ways:

 • Photos

 • Pinches (from a local trainer body fat specialist)

 • Body fat (DEXA) scans


Hold Your Own has clients from first-time bikini competitors, to national bodybuilding champions to everyday mums who need help with regaining their body back.

If you need help with a certain occasion or goal specific event that isn’t listed, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to meet your needs.