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Hold Your Own is an Australian based, elite level, worldwide, evidence based training programming and nutrition/macro coaching personalised online service. From Body recompositioning to bodybuilding, bikini, powerlifting, strength & conditioning for anyone from beginner to advanced, Hold Your Own can help you in your goals.


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"The Massage Guy" Ryan lays down a few things that could be the cause to your headaches!

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Want to learn a bit about wha causes Sciatica? Our massage guy Ryan breaks it down for you.

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Hold Your Own Nachos

Ever wanted to be able to fit nachos into your macros but could because you either didn't know how to or when you did your 'fats' went sky rocketing? Well here's the 'Hold Your Own Nachos' with macros and fats that aren't so high you have to save your whole days food for the 1 meal! Not only that these nachos that yummy you'll be saving them in your diary to become a staple in your diet!

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Nathan Wallace

Hold Your Own is founded by Natural Mr. Olympia, Nathan Wallace. His aim is to provide a unique, holistic approach to contest preparation, strength coaching, personal training or a year round diet to get you looking- and feeling your best. Nathan is numerous titles for natural bodybuilding and...